SCP: Dystopia v1.5.1 Full Changelog

  • Added melee attack animation for officer
  • Added melee attack animation for SCP-5167
  • Added lc:dt_scp049_plush
  • Added lc:dt_scp939_plush
  • Added lc:dt_scp106_plush
  • Added lc:dt_scp106_container
  • Added lc:dt_intercom_general
  • Added lc:dt_intercom_breach
  • Added lc:dt_intercom_report
  • Added lc:dt_intercom_report_all
  • Added lc:dt_medkit
  • Added lc:dt_scream_sound_loader for contain SCP-106
  • Added melee attack animation for SCP-106
  • Added spawning animation for SCP-106
  • Added melee attack animation for SCP-049
  • Added lc:dt_ci_truck
  • Added lc:dt_door2
  • Added lc:dt_door2_lvl1
  • Added lc:dt_door2_lvl2
  • Added lc:dt_door2_lvl3
  • Added lc:dt_door2_lvl4
  • Added lc:dt_door2_lvl5
  • Added lc:dt_blast_door
  • Added lc:dt_blast_door_rotated
  • Coffee mug will convert to empty mug when you drink it
  • Fixed breathability of SCPs/Humans in water
  • New variant for scientist
  • Scientist will turn into SCP-049-2 when killed by SCP-049
  • Added lc:dt_scientist_scp049_2
  • Fixed sound playing location of scream sound loader
  • Changed lc:dt_scream_sound_loader entity/pick collision box
  • Fixed door shadow

Coming soon
– 1~2 week(s) or less

10 thoughts on “SCP: Dystopia v1.5.1 Full Changelog

  1. I like to say can you add a scp 106 Containment breach and scp 682 battle intercom because i like to make your addon scp paradox and scp dystopia and the 682 was AMAZING good job your cool to be youtuber

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